The Link component allows you to easily customize anchor elements with your theme colors and typography styles.

Simple links

The Link component is built on top of the Typography component. You can leverage its properties.


  • When providing the content for the link, avoid phrases like "click here" or "go to".
  • For the best user experience links should stand out from the text on the page.
  • If a link doesn't have a meaningful href, it should be rendered using a <button> element.


When you use target="_blank" with Links it is recommended to always use rel="noopener" or rel="noreferrer" when linking to third party content.

rel="noopener" prevents the new page from being able to access the window.opener property and ensures it runs in a separate process. Without this the target page can potentially redirect your page to a malicious URL.

rel="noreferrer"" has the same effect, but also prevents the Referer header from being sent to the new page.

Removing the referer header will affect analytics. By stripping the referral value, the traffic from these links will be misattributed — instead of showing as referral traffic, they will be attributed as “direct” in Google Analytics. Or, if you use an alternative analytics application, you may see the visits in a "noreferral" bucket.